Next turn in
  31 °C    1
3rd week of July, Summer 93
32 °C    7
Aphid (pest)
Damage:Very High
Cure Resist:High
Illness (fungal)
Contagion:Very Low
Cure Resist:Very Low
Watch Out
Summer Fruit Tree and Nut Harvest Challenge 93
Harvest as much from fruit trees or nut trees as possible. The winner will be the farmer who harvests the most fruits (fruit trees) or nuts during the challenge.
Minimum Farm Level: Beginner
Baking Tournament 93
Take not from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned (T.Jefferson). Bake as much as possible in your Bakery to earn points. High value and quality products will give even more points.
Minimum Farm Level: Experienced

Plant one of the 456 different crops in game. Be it cabbage, tomatoes or fruits the choice is yours. Game Temperatures, season and weather will affect your plant's growth. Realistic game graphics and growth patterns.

Breed one of the 50 different livestock to collect eggs, milk and meat in game. Make your own cheese, mutton pie, pizza, bread, wine, whiskey... More than a thousand recipes for you to do in game!

Hundreds of tools and upgrades for you to configure your farm... Will you specialize in Cereals, Fruits, Salads, Rabbits, Horses, Baking, Cooking or Brewery? Or will you join a Co-operative and play the game with other players to accomplish missions and challenges?

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 17-10-16 UPDATE 1.51    
Update 1.51 is now on this server. Enjoy!
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